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How to use Manufacturers db @ SMPS Power Supplies

You can now access our Manufacturers database online, review the information we have regarding your company and add more records.

But most importantly, you can now record the products you offer with description, price, and website page with details.

A) To add information to our database, you first have to register as an editor:
1) Visit SMPS Power Supply Manufacturers Database .
2) Find your company, by clicking on a letter and browse the names, or by using the "Search Power Supply manufacturer name".
3) Click on the name of your company.
4) Under "Editors", click on "Register" .
5) Enter ALL the information in "Editor Registration" form.
6) Click on "Register" button.
7) You should receive a confirmation email.
8) After the approval process is completed (usually in less than 24 hours), you should be able to login, and add information regarding your power supply company.
B) To add information to our power supply manufacturers database:
1) Visit SMPS Power Supply Manufacturers Database .
2) Click on "Login".
3) Enter the "Login" and "Password" information and click on "Login" button.
4) Click on your name on the right of the "Welcome" word.
5) Click on the Edit Company "Details" or Edit Company "People".
6) You should see now the information we have in our database regarding your company.
7) Click on "Insert" to add more information in a particular category.
C) Access to information:
1) Power Supplies/Power Electronics manufacturers names are displayed free and unrestricted.
2) A Power Supply/Power Electronics manufacturer can have free and unrestricted access to ALL information regarding its company, after having an employee or representative register as an editor. A manufacturer may have up to 3 editors: one approved to add all type of information, one to add information only regarding people and one to add only information regarding products, sales figures, addresses.
3) Power Supplies/Power Electronics manufacturers can give access to information to any visitor to our websites for an annual fee of US$193. By paying the fee you will be able to control what a regular visitor to our website can see by using "Visible Approved" checkbox.
4) Power Supplies buyers, marketing people, industry experts can have access to all information for a fee.
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