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Power Supply Name PSU Part Number SMPS Category Power Supply Description
1200W Titanium Server SMPS  PWS-1k29P-1R  AC/DC  1200W, 1U, 96.1% Efficiency Server SMPS, 2.6%iTHD  
1280W, 95% Efficiency Server PSU  PWS-1K28P-SQ  AC/DC  1280W, 95% Efficiency Server PSU 
152A  152A-??kV-POS/NEG-(PFC)  DC/AC Inverters  1.5kJ/sec OEM style capacitor charging power supply 
1U / 2U ATX Power Supplies  SPX / SDX series  AC/DC  ATX 1U/2U power supplies from 160W to 500W 
1U 460W Server SMPS  S11-460P1A  AC/DC  96.6% Efficiency Server SMPS. 3.2% iTHD  
2.5kW 1Ux8"  2.5kW 1Ux8"  General  At only 1U high, 8" wide and 15" deep, this new line of Power Supplies provides an industry l 
202A  202A-??kV-POS/(NEG)-PFC  AC/DC  2kJ/sec OEM style capacitor charging power supply, with active PFC 
203  203L-10kV-POS  AC/DC  20kJ/sec Water-cooled Rack Mount capacitor charging power supply 
2820  2820  AC/DC  Max. 100W desktop power supply Output current 7,5A (12V) Energy Star Level 5 
303  303L-10kV-POS  AC/DC  30kJ/sec Water-cooled rack Mount capacitor charging power supply 
30A - 40A Series  Varies according to model and accessories  DC/DC Converters  High Voltage Bias from 0 to 30kV through 0 to 40kV @ 0 to 4 Watts, 15 Watts, & 30 Watts  
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