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CE+T Power - the Little Box Challenge adventure 
The Challenge we won! Thanks Gooogle|IEEE! Out of the Box This challenge has clearly allowed us to innovate again, but without traditional market constraints! It was refreshing!  
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Expertise for Defending Against & Responding to Critical Security Incidents 
Unique Experience: Mandiant specializes in investigating large-scale intrusions performed by the most advanced threat groups. Mandiant uses the intelligence gathered during each investigation to improve its consultants’ ability to identify the actions of the attacker, the scope of the compromise, the data loss, the steps required to remove the attacker and the approach requ 
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Consulting from PowerStream 
Power Supply Design Consulting: Our design engineers can design power supplies, or help you work out the bugs in your design. Whether you just need help picking out the right topology, need someone to specify the magnetics, or have trouble with the efficiency of the final design, we can help. Cost reduction Consulting: Let us go through your design to make it manufactur 
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Since 1980 Creative Electronics Consultants has been solving problems in: • power supply design • switching power supply design • electronic ballast design • power conversion • induction heating • and battery charging systems In addition, an RF engineer is ready to assist with your regulatory compliance issues such as F.C.C., MIL-461, and VDE. We have generated m 
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Power Supply Design Consulting 
Control Resources’ custom electronic design and manufacturing group used its power supply design consulting expertise to develop this dual 15V bench top power supply for use in our own lab. This custom analog design is used extensively by our analog power consultant engineers to power small digital and analog circuits. The DC power supply includes Microchip PIC microcontroll 
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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology Transfer 
We have technology of pure inverter technology upto 5KW. with DSP technology and easy to calibrate the all the parameter like battery full, load,charging current,battery low. Protection from over load, input high voltage cutoff circuits.  
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5Spice Analysis Software 
5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, and integrated graphing of simulation results. Plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice® models from a user expandable library. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and design at the component level. Student level MOSFET IC design is also supported but not compatible w 

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