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DSP Based Inverter 

I am a powerelectronics design engineer having 16 years experience in design and development. We have field tested designs on all range of UPS inverter smps etc. The designs use most power full digital signal processor. We have designs with three different dsp processors
Analog Devices, Freescale and Texas Instruments. If any one wanted technology transfer contact green 
United States Presidential Election 

Decide now what would you like the future in the USA to be for you, your children and your grandchildren.

This presidential election is the most important in many generations and most likely will never be a more important one in your lifetime.

Vote now.
The Sentinel 
Resonant converter split bobbin 

I am searching for a high isolation split bobbin for an LLC converter (AKA series resonant converter).

Looking for the 4 following sizes:
a) ETD34
b) ETD39
c) ETD44
d) ETD49

Delta Electronics sells the finished transformer, but we are in need of the bobbin manufacturers name and contact info.
Dave L. 
SEPIC or ZETA DC-DC synchronous controller IC 

I am in need of an extremely low-ripple DC-DC converter that can output 12V at 1A with a 9V to 24V input. I would like to use the 'Zeta' topology in synchronous form. See for a non-synchronous version.

I use the LTC3780 buck-boost four-switch regulator, but discovered that it alternates between buck and boost in 
Why the need for PFC stage for an LLC converter 

Why do we need PFC stage for a LLC converter?
Closing the LinkedIn forum 

I regret to inform the members of the LinkedIn SMPS Power Supplies group that I will be shutting it down. After long consideration I concluded that a for-profit corporate controlled forum is not the optimal platform to widely and freely disseminate technical information. In order to lessen the impact of the group's closing, I am giving a two week notice, until December 31 
Darius Livescu 
LinkedIn Groups Features 

Today I noticed a posting on SMPS Power Supplies group, post that was only tangentially relevant to the group. When I checked the name of the person posting the article, it was not listed as a group member! Unpleasantly surprised by the fact that an unapproved article by a non-member of the group is posted on the group that I initiated and feel responsible for the content  
Darius Livescu 

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