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Donald Trump's "carbon bubble" economy is bound to pop — the only question is how bad it will be 

" ... Trump's economic policies are built on many flawed assumptions, especially a fossil-fuel boom that won't end well. ...

Donald Trump's "policies" don't really exist in any conventional or coherent sense, but his promises, pledges and appointments so far tell us enough to know that he's devoted to the kind of bubble economics that ultimately can only b 
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The Numbers Look Great — As They Always Do Before a Crash 

" ... It's quarterly report time for US stocks. If you just casually glance at the earnings news, you might think companies are having a great year. Many are beating expectations and reporting impressive revenues and profits.


In a world where GDP growth may be in the neighborhood of 2%, do you think it makes a whole lot of sense that earnings are going to 
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Donald Trump Appears Doomed to Inherit the Next Recession 

" ... President-elect Donald J. Trump may be the one left holding the bag when the next recession hits because of years of credit expansion. ...

"Because, we were for a long time, 7 years, without a recession in the US," he continued. "We are overdue one. And some of the data that's been coming out in the last couple of quarters suggests that we are v 
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Elon Musk's Wild Ride 

"... Just on technological merits, Musk's companies have already impacted the world in lasting fashion. To the extent that the electric car is a reality, it's largely thanks to Tesla selling tens of thousands of high-priced vehicles, pressuring BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and others into a response. Tesla's software has also made the automotive industry interesting ag 
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4,000 State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks per Month 

Google notifies users of 4,000 state-sponsored cyber attacks per month: executive

" A senior executive of Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google unit said that the company was notifying customers of 4,000 state-sponsored cyber attacks per month.

Speaking at a Fortune magazine tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, Google senior vice president and Alphabet board member  
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Online Freedom Resolution Passes Despite Best Efforts by Russia, China et al 

" ... The United Nations officially condemned the practice of countries shutting down access to the internet at a meeting of the Human Rights Council on Friday.

A resolution entitled The promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet effectively extends human rights held offline to the internet. It was passed by consensus, but only after a deter 
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5V, 8A (40W) 4:1 Input 11 DC-DC Converter 
Atkinson, NH - June 2, 2016 - Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. introduces the new "Cool Power Technologies" ultra-wide input range 5V, 8A (40W) 11 DC-DC converter. This open frame or optional encapsulated module provides 40W of output power @ an output voltage of 5VDC. The CP40 series is the only 40W 11 4:1 input module available on the market today (a 12V version is 
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