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Here's the Stock Market Anniversary Wall Street Wants you to Forget 

" ... The Internet bubble peaked 17 years ago this week

This week represents the 17th birthday of the longest equity bear market in U.S. history. Good luck finding anyone "celebrating" that birthday, much less even mentioning it.

That's because everyone is falling over themselves this week commemorating another anniversary — the allegedly long 
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Trump Just Proposed a $60 Billion Tax Hike 

"... While president-elect and now president, Donald Trump has threatened new "border taxes" on products from Mexico and China if other reforms don't take place. Now he seems to be proposing a specific tax on imports from Mexico, to pay for the wall he wants to build along the Mexican border, which could cost between $10 billion and $30 billion. Trump says he wan 
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Ford Takes $200 Millions Hit From Canceling Mexico Plant 

" ... Ford Motor Co (F.N) on Thursday reported a fourth-quarter loss, citing an accounting change to pensions and costs for abandoning a factory in Mexico, which President Donald Trump had attacked on the road the White House.

Ford also reaffirmed its forecast that 2017 profits would be lower, which contrasted with more upbeat forecasts from Detroit rivals General M 
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U.S. stocks riding a bull market in corruption 

" ... Rally rooted in greedy hopes, not grounded fundamentals ...

I'm an American, full of pride for President-elect Donald Trump and his big, big, 10% stock market rally since the election!

Now imagine my pride if that had actually happened. Or if the 5% gain in the S&P 500 SPX, -0.46% that has happened, or even the 8% climb in the narrower Dow Jones Indust 
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RAOUL PAL: History shows there's a 100% chance of a recession for Trump 

" ... "I recently noted that since 1910, the US economy is either in recession or enters a recession within twelve months in every single instance at the end of a two-term presidency... effecting a 100% chance of recession for the new President," he wrote in a copy of GMI posted below.


For now, history suggests the odds of a recession for Trump  
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Janus' Gross Says Trump Will Be One-Termer, in Failure for Populism 

" ... President-elect Donald Trump will last no more than four years in the White House, a period when corporations and Wall Street will retain the upper hand over the struggling workers who helped elect him in a populist wave. ...

In his monthly investment outlook, "Populism Takes a Wrong Turn," Gross also said "there is no new Trump bull market in the offing," and 
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Power Electronics Engineer - Cree, Cary, NC 

Job Summary
Cree is looking for a talented, self-motivated and goal driven AC-DC Power Supply Design Engineer with a track record working with high efficiency drivers, this includes buck, buck-boost, boost, and LDO converter. This engineer will have the responsibility to develop, design, qualify, and introduce state of the art LED drivers; in addition it includes suppor 
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