Green and Alternative Energy

solar mppt techology 
We have developed best Mppt chage controller up to 50 KW which gives above 90% efficieny

LCD/LED indication
Full power and soft start
Strong adaptability and stability
Safe and reliable with built-in fuse
Temperature controlled fan, safe & efficient
Low voltage protection
Over voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Over temper 
Solar sinewave Inverter Technolgy Transfer 
Technology Transfer For DSP 2010 based Compact Domestic Sinewave SOLAR UPS /INVERTER solar charging facility - When solar charger is connected mains charger will go to stand-by and priority will be for solar charging. Once battery attains full charge of set voltage changes over to ups/inverter mode
(Care must taken while using this mode as sufficient solar panels are to b 
Honda's new Clarity Fuel Cell is more like your car than ever before 

" ... Honda has revealed the next-generation of its Clarity Fuel Cell sedan at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. While it represents the company's latest hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) developments, the Clarity Fuel Cell is in many ways more like your everyday car than any HFC has ever been before.

Until now, most HFC vehicles have been converting hydrogen to electricity in comp 
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Finalists Announced for the Little Box Challenge  

A little over a year ago, we partnered with the electrical engineering organization IEEE to launch The Little Box Challenge -- a competition to build a much smaller power inverter. Contestants from around the world have been hard at work on the challenge since then. This July, over 100 teams submitted Technical Approach and Testing Applications to have their inverters test 
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Nuclear Energy is Clean, Safe Energy 

" ... The culture of anti-nuclear activism has dwindled significantly in recent times precisely because of the recognition that nuclear energy provides unmatched benefits to the environment. There was nothing new in the arguments of the recent column. They were recycled from a generation ago and largely debunked through five decades of America's successful operation of mor 
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Solar Industry Admits Green Energy Only Exists Thanks To Government Subsidies 

" ... For at least the last thirty years the alternative energy industry has been claiming they are almost ready to be economically competitive with fossil fuel. Wind, solar, geothermal, and others keep begging for government subsidies to help them stay afloat until they can reach a size at which economies of scale kicks in, price per kilowatt hour drops, and then they can 
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VW: Just the tip of the pollution iceberg. Who's to blame? HIPPIES 

" ... Carbon crusade is literally poisoning us all in order to save us.

... The fact is, however, that the Volkswagen story is only a small part of the NOx story - in which the human race is busily poisoning itself in a pretty much pointless quest to cut back on emissions of carbon dioxide. ...

As soon as the car was no longer under test, the car would change 
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